Wide Selection With DLP Technology

Wide projector line portfolio

Wide Selection

  • New DDP442x chipset
  • Simple optical architecture gives end users many options
  • Project images over 100” on any surface
  • One platform – many resolutions and options
  • Hundreds of models to choose from

DLP optical architecture is quite simple, requiring only a few optical elements. This simple architecture coupled with the introduction of the DDP442x chipset allows DLP manufacturers to offer an extraordinarily broad base of model options. So end users can purposely target their specific resolution needs knowing the same consistency in readability and color reliability are integrated in all product lines.

DLP Advantages - Wide Selection

Extremely portable big screen projections

Unlike other displays, such as a flat panel TV, DLP projectors are extremely portable and capable of projecting images greater than 100 inches on any surface. Businesses and educators can simplify their end user training and technical support for projectors.

With over 20 manufacturers and hundreds of models supporting various resolutions, throw distances, connectivity and interactivity options, you're guaranteed to find the right projector with the right resolution for the right price.

DLP Projection Advantages - Wide Selection