Outstanding Readability with DLP Projectors

Crisp and clear projections for the office or classroom

Outstanding Readability

  • High native contrast ratios over 2,000:1
  • Deep blacks and brilliant whites
  • Text and graphs can easily be read in ambient light
  • Extremely high fill factor
  • Engaged audience and viewers

DLP projectors produce incredibly high native contrast ratios which is arguably the most important projector quality. Whether you're presenting the latest financial report at the office, or ensuring that students see every detail in your lesson, DLP projectors will ensure your presentations are clear from anywhere in the room.

DLP Projection Advantages - Outstanding Readability

Deep blacks and brilliant whites with DLP DarkChip™ technology

With DLP's reflective architecture and DarkChip™ break-through technologies, the black on the screen is extremely black and the white is bright, brilliant white. Most DLP projectors feature contrast ratios over 2,000:1 for all color modes without the need of a dynamic iris (a device built into some projectors that sits between the lamp and lens to improve contrast).

The deep blacks and crisp whites produced by DLP projectors ensure that your business presentations or classroom lessons will be of the highest quality, even with the presence of ambient light.

High fill factor for more clarity

DLP projectors have an extremely high pixel fill factor. This virtually eliminates pixelization and produces "depth" in video images. This allows graphs and text to be seen clearly without adding thick dark bezels around the pixel. With DLP projectors, the fill factor for a low resolution SVGA display is as high as a 1080p resolution display.

For outstanding readability and clarity make sure your projectors are powered with DLP technology. Another reason DLP is the world's leading projection technology.

DLP Projection Advantages - Outstanding Readability