DLP Projectors - Top 10 Advantages

DLP is the world's leader in projection technology offering 10 distinct advantages.

There are Five Advantages that you can clearly see with DLP projection technology over other technologies : 1) Outstanding Readability, 2) Precise Color, 3) Fast Digital Video Performance, 4) Full HD 1080p and 5) Smartsource™ 3D in any popular signal format.

There are also Five Advantages that may not be visible but offer substantial benefit over other technologies : 1) Lower Total Cost of Ownership, 2) Lamp Free Design, 3) Tough DLP EXP Chip, 4) Wide Selection of Models and 5) DLP projectors are based upon DLP Cinema technology.

  • DLP Advantage - Outstanding Readability

    Outstanding Readability

    DLP projectors produce incredibly high native contrast ratios. Most feature contrast ratios over 2000:1. The deep blacks and crisp whites make it make for outstanding readability, even from that back of the room.

  • DLP Advantage - Consistent Color Precision

    Consistent Color Precision

    Most DLP projectors feature BrilliantColor™ which offers up to 6 color processing to boost secondary colors. This makes it possible to produce over one billion colors and deliver reliable and precise color, even after for extended use.

  • DLP Projector Advantage - Lower Total Cost of Ownership

    Lower Total Cost of Ownership

    DLP technology can lower the total cost of ownership over the lifetime of your projector with filter free and lamp free options. Most DLP projectors are filter free so there are no filters to clean or replace. Some DLP projectors are lamp free and virtually eliminate the cost of replacing lamps. These two features combined create substantial lifetime cost savings.

  • DLP Projector Advantage - Fast Digital Video Performance

    Fast Digital Video Performance

    The DLP chip has a super fast response time of 16 microseconds and easily supports up to 120 Hz refresh rates. This delivers a precise, razor-sharp picture with no lag times between frames designed for high speed action.

  • DLP Projector Advantage - Full HD 1080p

    Full HD 1080p

    1080p data projectors are capable of delivering data and video presentations with far greater details with display screen 2.3 times larger than XGA. With the economical 0.65" 1080p DLP chip, classroom and conference room data can be projected with an image greater than 100 inches in full native HD.

  • DLP Projector Advantage - Tough DLP EXP Chip

    Tough DLP EXP™ Chip

    With the introduction of the DLP EXP Chip, combined with DLP sealed optics architecture, it is now feasible to deliver reliable and precise color, even after extended hours of usage, in the most demanding environments with mainstream DLP projectors ranging from SVGA up to 1080p.

  • DLP Projector Advantage - Lamp Free

    Hassle Free Lamp Free

    Replacing lamps is not only a hassle for maintenance departments, but also an unnecessary expense. Over 70 mainstream DLP lamp free projector models use high brightness lasers or hybrid LED/laser architectures to provide a light source without the need of traditional lamps.

  • DLP Projector Advantage - Smartsource™ 3D

    Smartsource™ 3D in any Popular Signal Format

    DLP Smartsource™ 3D projectors are compatible with HDTV broadcasts and high-definition DVD's for exceptional detail and clarity. Most important, you can display any video source, including HDMI v1.4a and VGA. You will be amazed with the life-like images exploding off your home theater, classroom or conference room screen.

  • DLP Projector Advantage - Wide Selection

    Wide Projector Line Portfolio

    With over 20 manufacturers and hundreds of models supporting various resolutions, throw distances, connectivity and interactivity options, you're guaranteed to find the right projector with the right resolution for the right price.

  • DLP Projector Advantage - Based on DLP Cinema Technology

    Award Winning DLP Cinema®

    DLP Cinema has been the leading technology in the cinema industry since the release of the first all digital motion picture in 1999. With a DLP powered projector, you have in your hands similar technology that you see on nearly every movie theatre screen worldwide.

DLP Projector Technology - Make sure your projectors are powered with the world's projection technology.