DLP Pico
0.2" TRP Chipset

Optimized for Ultra-Compact Mobile
and Wearable Devices

.2" TRP Chipset Features:

  • Up to 100% higher brightness
  • Up to 50% less power
  • WVGA 854x480
  • Smaller device form factors:
Smartphones   Camcorders
Tablets DSLRs
Near Eye Display Watches

The revolutionary new DLP Pico 0.2" TRP chipset enables the world's smallest, brightest, most power efficient embedded projectors for next-generation smartphones, tablets, camcorders, laptops and wearable devices, such as near-eye displays.

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DLP Tilt & Roll Pixel Architecture and DLP IntelliBright™

This ground-breaking chipset is the first to incorporate DLP Tilt & Roll Pixel (TRP) architecture and the adaptive DLP IntelliBright™ suite of algorithms. With the ability produce up to 100 percent higher brightness on a frame-by-frame basis while consuming up to 50 percent less power, the new 0.2" TRP chipset also features twice the resolution of its predecessor. The result is bright, detailed images with a life-like quality, making DLP Pico the ultimate means of sharing life's experiences, anytime and anywhere.

Same MEMS technology as used in DLP Cinema®

DLP Pico is committed to the ongoing delivery of the brightest image from the smallest device and is based on the same proven MEMS technology used in DLP Cinema®, which is the digital display technology of choice for movie theaters worldwide.

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What customers are saying:

Company: Vuzix
Application: Near Eye Display

"Given the aggressive power and brightness needs of our see through near-eye display products, the new DLP Pico chipset is a perfect fit," said Vuzix, CEO Paul Travers. "The combination of unmatched power savings and high contrast lets us deliver consumers longer battery life while creating a brighter, more vibrant image than we would be able to achieve with any other technology."

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