DLP Cinema Technology

The world's leader in digital cinema projection technology!

DLP Cinema technology delivers the ultimate movie-going experience, projecting the filmmaker’s vision in 2D and 3D for the ultimate in picture quality. DLP Cinema technology delivers the only all-digital picture with incredible clarity and vibrant colors every show, every day.

DLP Cinema technology eliminates color fading, jump and weave, scratches and dirt accumulation which are common problems that plague film presentations. DLP Cinema delivers the same consistent picture quality without degradation for every showing. With DLP Cinema, moviegoers are guaranteed their movie will be seen in its original pristine condition, exactly the way the director intended it, whether they see it during the first or fifth week of the run.

DLP Cinema Portfolio of Products

Best Premium Cinema Experience for Screens from 3 to 32 Meters Wide

DLP Cinema Portfolio of Products

The Inventor's of Digital 3D

Although 3D is not new to moviegoers, DLP Cinema’s innovative technology was the world's first digital 3D single projector solution for movie theatres and commercial use. By using just one projector to produce a 3D image, technical problems of yesteryear like cross-talk and ghosting, are virtually eliminated. In 2011, DLP Cinema took 3D to new dimensions by introducing high frame rate (HFR) 3D to the world.

DLP 3D Digital Cinema

Industry Standard 2K to Enhanced 4K

DLP Cinema offers exhibitors the widest variety of stable resolution options for any screen size and was the industry's first DCI certified solution. The DLP Cinema 4K chip powers the brightest and most energy efficient digital cinema projectors in the world.

DLP Enhanced 4K Digital Cinema

Big Performance for Small Screens with DLP S2K

DLP Cinema is now optimized for smaller movie theatre screens of up to 10 meters*. The new S2K chip meets DCI specifications for security and color accuracy, allowing independent theatre owners, art houses and cinemas in emerging markets to economically convert to digital cinema.

DLP S2K Digital Cinema

DLP Cinema Technology - Award winning and Hollywood trusted. The #1 choice for digital cinema. Another reason why DLP is the world's leader in projection technology.

DLP Cinema Trailer

Millions of tiny mirrors make the picture amazing!

* Check with your DLP cinema licensed partner for specific light output and screen size specification.