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DLP® Product’s DualView, The Ultimate Dueling Technology For Gamers

LAS VEGAS – January 07, 2008: DLP® Products from Texas Instruments (TI) (NYSE: TXN), the first HDTV technology to enable 3-D viewing in the home, demonstrated the ability to display two separate image sources at the same time on a DLP HDTV screen. DualView capability is an innovation for two-player gaming that gives each gamer independent full screen views. This technology demonstration, along with 3-D ready HDTVs and other DLP HDTV advancements are on display at the 2008 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) (Central Hall – Booth 8205).

id Software, the pioneers of first-person shooting games with titles that include Doom, Wolfenstein and Quake, recently tested out DualView. Steve Nix, id software’s Director of Business Development said, “This amazing new technology from DLP is really exciting for gamers. Two players watching the same screen right next to each other can now see completely different images so no more peeking at your opponents’ moves!”

All 3-D ready DLP HDTV are capable of DualView and can simultaneously display two content sources, including DVD movies, video games and TV programming. Display advancements for 2-player gaming have been tried before by other manufacturers but DLP Products is the first to deliver a dual HD display that is independent of view-location.

To use DualView, the DLP HDTV is connected to a compatible source and each gamer wears compatible DualView glasses. Select Samsung and Mitsubishi DLP HDTVs are shipping with 3-D ready and DualView capabilities.

This first-of-a-kind display is achieved by the combination of advancements on the DLP chipset and compatible eyewear. DLP Products collaborated with ColorLink/RealD and others for these suppliers to develop a customized DualView eye-wear control solution. The key to a ghost-free picture quality of DualView is the coordination of the DLP chip’s extremely fast 8 microsecond switching speed with high-contrast shutter glass operation. The DLP prototype eye-wear controller synchronizes the glasses’ shutters by decoding a proprietary signal embedded in the DLP image stream. The result is a view for each gamer that is independent from the other and allows for a more competitive, enjoyable game experience by eliminating the ability to cheat at the other players screen, which currently is a limitation of split screen two-player game displays.

Currently any two-player game developed for split screen can be played in DualView with the use of two consoles or PCs. DLP is working with various game developers to support this mode in future releases, which would involve incorporating a driver or patch to existing versions to enable a single console support in the future.

“In the highly competitive HDTV market, DLP Products continues to be the frontrunner of invention, whether it be the first out with 1080, LED, 3-D and now DualView,” said Adam Kunzman, business manager, DLP HDTV Products, Texas Instruments. “Gaming is the immediate application for our latest innovation but there is little to prevent DLP Products from becoming the ultimate living room HDTV that can eliminate channel wars by displaying ESPN Sports Center and Oprah at the same time.”

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