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DLP Cinema S2K

S2K joins the DLP Cinema family bringing economical, DCI compliant digital cinema to smaller screens.

DLP Cinema is now optimized for smaller movie theatre screens of up to 10 meters (35 feet)*. The new S2K chip meets DCI specifications for security and color accuracy, allowing independent theatre owners, art houses and cinemas in emerging markets to economically convert to digital cinema. For unsurpassed reliability, performance and the most options in resolution and pricing, make the right choice – DLP cinema – the leader in Digital Cinema.

*Check with your DLP cinema licensed partner for specific light output and screen size specification.

DLP Cinema Portfolio of Products

Best Premium Cinema Experience for Screens from 10 to 105 Feet Wide (3 to 35 Meters)

Screens from 29 to 105 feet wide

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  • Barco
  • Christie
  • nec

Award-winning color

2009 Academy Scientific and Engineering Award Winner