DLP Home Theater Projector Advantages

DLP projectors bring the fun home

Choosing a DLP projector takes you from passive spectator to active participant as your movies and games come alive. Fast-action video is sharp and clear, with virtually no motion blur or distortion, and video games become a total sensory experience. The all-digital DLP chip powers projectors to deliver a better viewing and gaming experience, without ever leaving your home.

  • BrilliantColor

    DLP projectors bring Hollywood-like quality to your home theater. BrilliantColor, which is featured in many DLP projectors, offers multi-color processing that makes the images brighter for a more natural and vibrant picture.

  • Faster video performance

    When the scene moves fast, you’ll feel like you’re in it, without all the blurring that may be seen with other technologies. Watch movies, connect a computer to surf the net, play your favorite games and even answer email – in a very big way.

  • FULL HD and HD 3D 1080p (1920 x 1080)

    DLP Full HD projectors take home theater to the next level. Movies and games come to life with vivid and life-like imagery. Full HD 1080p technology delivers impeccable image quality associated with award-winning DLP Cinema technology performance. Digital HDMI or DVI signal creates a true digital projection system that produces a spectacular High Definition display. This unprecedented combination ensures natural, life-like images with crystal clarity. And, in Full HD 3D...it’s like being there!

Use DLP projectors in your home theater to:

  • Enjoy family movie night even in Full HD or Full HD 3D!
  • Host a film marathon with friends.
  • Watch the big game.
  • Connect a computer and webcam to your DLP projector and chat with your friends on the big screen.
  • Take a videogame to new immersive heights.

DLP Cinema is changing Hollywood - literally!

DLP Cinema is the #1 choice for Hollywood and most widely used technology in movie theatres around the world. DLP home theater projectors bring DLP’s cinema industry knowledge into the home by offering the same superb performance and the best Full HD experience. It brings new meaning to the term “movie night”. All you have to add is the popcorn and soda. And don’t forget your 3D glasses for the ultimate experience!

‡ BrilliantColor is featured in many DLP projectors
† Most DLP projectors are filter-free, though some are not