DLP Home Theater Projectors

Movies and TV will take on a whole new level of WOW!

  • High Contrast Ratios – up to 100,000:1
  • 1080p DLP DarkChip technology
  • Over 2 million pixels
  • Ultra-fast 16 microsecond response time
  • BrilliantColor – over 1 billion rich vibrant colors
  • Full HD 3D in any popular signal format with full HDMI 1.4 compatibility

Home theater projectors powered by DLP technology offer incredible picture quality. Due to the speed of the DLP chip, video is smooth and film-like. Fast action video is sharp and clear without all of the motion blur that may be seen in other technologies. DLP Full HD 3D so real you can feel it. Imagine actually feeling a bucket of water thrown at you or seeing hot air balloons floating in your living room!

Plus, many DLP projectors feature BrilliantColor™ technology which uses up to 6 separate colors to create the image on the screen. The result is stunning, vibrant colors that are natural and accurate. Video enthusiasts agree that when it comes to home theater video performance, look no further than DLP technology.

DLP home theater projectors – more than just great movies!

Just as DLP Cinema is the #1 choice for movie theatres worldwide, DLP technology is famous for delivering an incredible picture on the screen. However, your new DLP home theater projector can do so much more than displaying movies on the big screen, including watching in Full HD 3D for the ultimate home experience.

  • Video games larger than life

    If you are into video gaming, you have to experience the action through a DLP projector. Imagine playing video games that are larger than life on a huge screen. Racing takes on a whole new dimension. Sports games draw you in as if you are really there.

  • Watch High Definition TV on the big screen

    It’s easy to connect satellite TV, cable or a Blu-ray player directly into a DLP home theater projector. Many DLP projectors are also full HDTV compatible. There’s nothing quite like watching the big game on a really big screen in HD 1080p. With DLP projectors, you’ll see every detail in stunning clarity!

  • Surf the net in style

    Projectors powered by DLP technology can easily be connected to any computer. You can surf the net, play computer video games, or even do email, all on a huge screen in the comfort of your home theater. You’ll never look at the Internet the same way!