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DLP Projectors for Government

We live in a wireless, seamless, digital, instant-access world of technological wonders that have transformed the way we work and communicate. Many organizations and government entities seek to implement the latest projector technology to enhance presentations and provide a reliable tool for everyday use. DLP projector systems are helping overcome the “technology gap” and are transforming the way organizations communicate.

Using projectors in your organization open up endless opportunities

  • Maximize one-to-one or one-to-many presentations
  • Integrate video and sound to enhance the material
  • Bring the Internet to life and engage the entire audience
  • Incorporate video into speeches to increase retention and attention

Technology integration

DLP technology is a leading-edge, digital imaging technology that not only projects images with incredible brilliance, clarity and reliability, but also serves as the “hub” of all collaborative activity. Through seamless integration with other tools like video equipment, laptops, document cameras, interactive whiteboards and other systems, DLP projectors maximize the impact of subject matter.

  • For large meetings

    Projectors designed for larger screens can offer a bright, vibrant image of the presented materials that is easy to read from the back row. Video, slides and other key presentation materials will be easy to share with a large group of people.

  • For smaller meetings

    Projectors are an invaluable tool for presentations. Connecting a PC to the projector allows for viewing of prepared slides, content on the Internet, videos, still images and more. DLP projectors offer the kind of reliability that means you won’t have to worry about whether or not the projector will be ready to go when you are. That leaves you more time to focus on meeting your clients needs and less on whether your presentation will actually work.

  • For major events

    For major events - Large business events and network gatherings take on a new dimension when projectors are used to communicate. Videos, still images and other content can be used to set the stage for an event and provide a powerful means to share information. Special events and tradeshows are prime opportunities to use DLP projectors to communicate your key business messages to a wide audience.

Effective communication

Imagine the possibilities of a facility designed around a DLP projection system. The most critical business presentations and company meetings will be polished and professional with the integration of virtually every technology tool available with the projection system for powerful results.

Improved retention

The projection system can help improve retention of information and increase participation from people in your meetings. With projectors throughout your business facilities, you will encourage teams to use visual tools to help communicate with each other. The results include better interaction within your business and clients and more productive meetings.

Projector usage in government

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