How do I get 3D for the classroom?

A 3D projection setup includes the following:

3D Ready Projector

  • A projector able to show TWO images on the screen at the same time: One for the "left" eye and one for the "right" eye.
  • TI DLP 3D-Ready projectors show both 2D and 3D images on a single projector without any additional cost, thanks to the fast switching speeds of the mirrors on the DLP chip.

Get DLP 3D Ready Projectors from:

3D Glasses

  • Active 3D glasses are synchronized to the picture via signals embedded in the video image producing lifelike, “Stereoscopic 3D.”
  • The glasses allow students to see the image from anywhere in the room with no viewing angle issues, and the image can be projected on any surface.


  • Content makers continue to develop new lessons for education, and some offer free content on their sites.
  • 3D content for Science, Math, Geography are available at K-12 and even collegiate levels.

Optional graphics card for your PC/laptop

  • 3D content requires 'frame sequential' formatting to the projector. Therefore, your PC must have a quad buffered graphics card to convert the 3D content into this display format for a 3D Ready projector.
  • Many computers come with graphics cards but if not there are options at various performance levels available.

Get 3D Graphics Cards:

Desktop Graphics Cards:

Laptop Graphics Cards:

3D Systems Integrators

These companies can deliver all of the above pieces in one 3D package or contact your AV installer to ask about their options.

3D Systems Integrators:

Note: The above details are specific for setting up "Stereoscopic" 3D. "Anaglyph"/"Passive" systems, as well as "Polarized" options, also exist for 3D, but come with quality and installation barriers that haven't made these ideal for classrooms to date. TI DLP technology works with all of those options, so check back at where more information will post in accordance with progress made in those categories.

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