DLP Education Projector Usages

Classroom Projectors

As multimedia continues to immerse our everyday lives, students have become surrounded with video experiences at every turn. The classroom should not be an exception. To help usher in a new multimedia learning experience, classroom projectors have become the new teaching tool to make the most out of the learning experience.

Imagine surfing the web looking for research with the entire class engaged in what is found. Or, what if you could use educational videos to help captivate students on a challenging topic? Projectors bring sights and sounds into the classroom and offer a visual source for practically anything you can connect.

Students can connect a laptop to a projector to give a PowerPoint book report. Teachers can wirelessly connect state of the art TI calculators to a projector to work through complex calculations as a team. History class takes on a whole new dimension when you can provide a visual tour of historical events through the power of the internet. If you can imagine it, you can do it. Projectors are becoming the must-have learning tool to increase retention, maintain interest and elevate the learning experience.

Use classroom projectors and open up endless opportunities

  • Maximize one-to-one experiences
  • Integrate video and sound to maximize learning
  • Bring the Internet to life and engage the entire class
  • Incorporate video into lessons to increase retention and attention
  • Allow students to use the projector for presentations, reports and more
  • Incorporate other technologies such as white boards, wireless devices such as TI calculators and others to enhance curriculums

Projectors in the Auditorium & Gymnasium

Sporting events, musical programs, assemblies and other school gatherings will never be the same when a multimedia projector is added to the event.

Projectors can add a new dimension to any large event.

  • Consider a musical program which incorporates visual images to complement the live performance.
  • Projectors can add video support for sporting events much like a giant “jumbotron” without the high price.
  • School assemblies can include video, sound and presentation slides to add impact to the content of the event.
  • Projectors can encourage interaction at school pep rallies. Students can produce videos showing their school spirit and show them on the big screen.
  • Educational videos can help communicate key issues to students and parents at large gatherings.

Projectors in the Library

Books are perhaps the most valuable resource available for helping students learn and grow. The library provides a key space for students to explore everything that books offer. Adding a projector to the library provides a key tool for librarians to share the value that reading can provide.

With a projector, librarians and other educators can surf the internet with a group of students to explore books online. Topics can be researched and new book sources can be discovered instantly, together. Students are curious about everything. By sharing information on a big screen with a group, educators can pique their curiosity and enhance the learning experience.

The library is a central learning center where projectors can play many roles:

  • Play videos to large groups as part of a core lesson and compliment the content with related books
  • Explore new book topics online with a large group of students and teach them researching skills at the same time
  • Display books online and even read a virtual book on the big screen to really engage the students
  • Use images on the big screen to supplement a book as it is being read
  • As the library is used many times as a central gathering place, use a projector for key presentations to students, faculty, parents and other groups

Portable Projectors

Teaching has become a more mobile profession. Teachers at every level find themselves presenting information to a diverse group of people both in the classroom and on the road. Portable projectors are key tools that help to make those presentations successful.

Portable projectors offer a means to present information to any size group with video and sound. The impact of a projector is big in many ways but the projector cannot become a barrier to success. They must be portable, easy to set up and use and bright for any environment.

Projectors powered by DLP technology offer a compact design coupled with incredible brightness and image quality. DLP projectors are lightweight and easy to take on the road. In fact, some DLP projectors weigh less than 1 pound!