DLP Advantages for Education

DLP in the classroom

Today, educators are faced with a new challenge – holding the attention of technically savvy students who live in a media-on-demand, high definition world. Choosing a DLP education projector makes lessons come alive with vibrant color, superb readability, and outstanding quality that lasts. The 100% digital DLP chip offers superb reliability, enabling teachers to do what they do best – inspire their students to learn.

  • 3D Ready

    DLP 3D Ready projectors are now available. Discover the teaching advantages of 3D in the classroom - engage students and improve test scores. Make sure your classroom projector is 3D Ready and prepare for the next trend in teaching.

  • Superb readability

    DLP projectors make lessons exceptionally easy to read – even from the back row – due to high native contrast ratios.

  • BrilliantColor

    The color quality looks like real life. BrilliantColor technology, which is available in many DLP projectors, offers multicolor processing creating rich and vibrant colors . DLP projectors seamlessly integrate with other equipment, so they are easy to use every day.

  • Low cost of ownership

    When you purchase a projector or any other piece of equipment, it all comes down to the lifetime cost of ownership. In addition to looking at the initial price, you have to factor in maintenance costs – like filter cleanings and replacements – and how long the projector will last. DLP projectors offer low maintenance costs, which will save your school money.

Educators use DLP projectors to…

  • Integrate video and sound into classroom lessons to maximize learning.
  • Connect students’ laptops to a projector to give PowerPoint presentations to the class.
  • Search the Internet and engage the entire class in the search and results.
  • Provide a visual tour of historical events, places, and people – bring the past into the present day.
  • Project visual backdrops in auditoriums for school musicals and other performances.
  • Add video support for sporting events – it’s like having your own giant stadium screen.

...it’s easy to see that DLP technology is improving our classroom technology platform while easily saving huge overhead costs over the life of this equipment.”

Greg LaHatte
Director of broadcast and distance learning Gwinnett County Public Schools

* BrilliantColor is featured in many DLP projectors
* Most DLP projectors are filter-free, though some are not