DLP 3D Projectors

Increase student engagement and test scores.

DLP 3D Ready projectors are proven to make an impact in the classroom with double digit gains in both student engagement and test scores as compared to using 2D tools alone. Provide your students with an immersive environment that will capture their attention and stay with them after the lesson is done.

3D Classroom Research

Research shows a 46% increase in student engagement and a 34% increase in test scores with the use of DLP 3D Ready projection.

3D Classroom Projectors

DLP 3D Ready projectors are available from nearly every leading projector manufacturer and come in a variety of styles and prices.

3D as a public health tool

AOA Public Health Report

The American Optometric Association reports that use of 3D in the classroom can aid in the discovery of childhood eye health issues that might otherwise go undiagnosed.

How do I get a 3D Classroom?

Ready to have 3D in the classroom but don't know how to get started? Click below for a chart that will guide you through the process.

Watch Kids Learning in 3D

DLP 3D Ready Projector Case Studies

3D at Ocoee Middle School

Orange County, Florida's Ocoee Middle School embraces 3D projection solutions drive by Texas Instruments for breakthrough lessons in math and science.

3D at The Abbey School

Two UK schools are using Texas Instruments DLP® 3D Ready technology to bring science lessons to life.

3D at Boulder Valley School

Boulder Valley School District Adopts DLP Technology to Bring Superior Classroom Projection In 3D – for Today and Tomorrow.

DLP 3D Ready Brochure

Implementing 3D-Ready DLP® projection for the classroom.

Future-Talk 3D Blog

Thoughtful discussions about emerging and high-leverage technology use in education from Len Scrogan.