DLP Projectors for Education

Creating technology innovations for the 21st Century Classroom

DLP in the classroom

In a competitive world, you want the best technology tools in the classroom; technology that will offer superior advantages for your teachers and students. DLP projector technology has been offering this advantage for years and continues to raise the bar through innovations that expand instructional reach for teachers and lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) for schools at the same time. With Filter-free designs that require less maintenance and offer lower operating costs, DLP projectors help your school save money. Plus, unlike other technologies, DLP projectors have consistent color accuracy even after extended periods of usage. So you will have a reliable projection system for years and years.

Today’s technologically savvy students need to be engaged in a dynamic and immersive way. DLP projectors deliver interactivity and multi-dimensional curriculum to the classroom with unparalled image quality. The result: higher student involvement and higher test scores.

With a projector as the hub of the classroom, you can maximize the impact of lessons in subjects like:

3D Ready DLP Projectors for the Classroom

Discover the advantages of teaching in 3D!
  • Use 3D lessons such as a frog dissection to captivate the kids.
  • Walk through famous architectural structures in a virtual, 3D environment to feel like you’re right there.
  • Show the nuances of the amazing human anatomy in 3D detail
  • Explore virtual topography to bring geography lessons to life
  • Fly through the universe in 3D and inspire new space explorers in your class
  • All of this 3D content and more is available TODAY and ready to use with your DLP 3D ready projector
  • Change the way you engage students
  • Math
    – Show how to solve a detailed math equation from a TI graphic calculator that even students in the back row can read.
  • Science
    – Use a digital camera to show the details of your latest dissection by projecting the video and images to the entire science class.
  • History
    – Travel to far-off places through the internet. And visit historic sites and museums in 3D!
  • English
    – Have students diagram a compound sentence on an interactive whiteboard for collaborative learning.

Effective communication

Imagine the possibilities of a classroom designed around a DLP projector system. The most complex lessons can be brought to life though integration of virtually every teaching tool under the sun with the projector system.

New teaching tools

A DLP education projector can help improve student performance by encouraging greater classroom participation to increase the retention of the content being displayed. From video game style role-playing and interactive simulations and digital imaging-based presentations, to engaging Internet excursions, students get so much more from the curriculum when it’s experienced through the brilliance and clarity of a DLP projector.

Education usages

DLP education projectors are used in many educational applications.

† Many DLP projectors offer 3D Ready capability. Check with individual projector manufacturers for specifications of each model.

DLP 3D Ready Brochure

Implementing 3D-Ready DLP® projection for the classroom.