DLP Projector Technology

Reasons to Choose DLP Technology

DLP Link

DLP® Link™ Advantages

  • Seamless 3D data synchronization with active glasses
  • Does not require special data or position emitters
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Saves time and money

The unique connection that enables DLP projectors to transmit 3D data – seamlessly.

When it comes to 3D projection technology, the latest advances which achieve the most compelling experience utilize active glasses which interact with the projector to create an immersive 3D image on the screen.

To the viewer, it is seamless and the picture is amazing. However, the process of syncing the projected image with active glasses is amazing in itself. Thanks to DLP Link, a special synchronization system built into 3D Ready DLP projectors, the glasses link to the projector without any special emitters or 3rd party transmission devices.

Because the DLP imaging chip is so fast, it is able to project two images on the screen at one time to create the 3D image viewed through the active glasses. But, in addition to the two images on the screen, the DLP chip also sends additional data to the glasses in-between each frame of video. This is how the projector communicates with the DLP link enabled active glasses. This ingenious transmission technique makes data emitters obsolete and eliminates the need to install and position emitters. This saves you time and money and makes setup of a 3D Ready DLP projector quick and easy.

Learn how DLP® Link™ technology works by rolling over the illustration below.

While incredibly advanced, DLP Link works behind the scene to allow DLP Link ready glasses to seamlessly synchronize with the image for an amazing 3D experience.

Every 3D Ready DLP projector offers DLP Link. Be sure to ask about DLP Link ready glasses that work with 3D Ready DLP projectors. It’s the perfect combination of reliable DLP technology and innovation that is driving a new breed of 3D technology.

DLP is a registered trademark of Texas Instruments. DLP Link is a trademark of Texas Instruments