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DLP Projector Innovations

DLP has a long history of innovations, starting in 1987 with Dr. Larry Hornbeck’s invention of the Digital Micromirror Device, or DMD, but better known as the DLP Chip.

DLP is recognized worldwide for its innovations to improve products and viewing experiences for home, business and education. DLP is committed to developing innovations to lower the cost of ownership, enhance the viewing experience with higher contrast ratio, which is one of the key leading indicators of readability, and improve the reliability of the #1 projection display in the world. A few examples include introducing the first commercial DLP projector in 1996, changing the way students gain knowledge of STEM lessons with the first 3D single projector in 2009, lowering the cost of owning a home theater projector with a lamp-free solution in 2008, and greatly improving readability in the office and classroom with the first economical 1080p data projector in 2012.

Most definitely, DLP is IN A CLASS BY ITSELF.

History of DLP Display Innovations

First commercial DLP projector First SXGA+ projector    
1987 1996 2000 2004 2007  
Dr. Larry
Hornbeck invents the DLP® Chip
First interactive projector    
First lamp-free home theatre projector First 3D Ready projector First economical full HD data projector  
2008 2009 2009 2010 2012  
First WQXGA projector First lamp-free data projector