Lamp Free DLP Projectors

No hassle lamp free DLP projectors

Lamp Free DLP Projectors

  • High brightness laser or hybrid LED/laser light source
  • Long lasting rated for 20,000 hours
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Low power consumption & heat generation
  • Instant On/Off/On

Replacing lamps is not only a hassle for maintenance departments, but also an unnecessary expense. Over 70 mainstream DLP lamp free projector models use high brightness lasers or hybrid LED/laser architectures to provide a light source without the need of traditional lamps.*

No lamps to replace with DLP Lamp Free projectors.

Lower maintenance and operating costs

Now, IT directors and end users can lower the cost of ownership as well as reduce the hassle of climbing a ladder to replace the lamp. The days of selecting the ECO mode to save lamp life are over as DLP lamp free projectors have light sources rated to last for over 20,000 hours of use.

DLP lamp free projectors are truly hassle free as all models turn on and off instantaneously. This is very convenient and saves you time and money.

For hassle free and lower maintenance costs make sure your projectors are powered with DLP lamp free technology. Another reason DLP is the world's leading projector technology.

* Listed on as of June 2013.

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