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RSID Hamilton Park DLP 3D Projectors Case Study

Texas Instruments DLP® 3D projection technology earns high marks from classroom teachers in pilot tests.

Institution: Hamilton Park
District: RSID
Country: USA / TX
Grade / Level: Elementary
Course / Subject: Biology, Chemistry, Other, Science
Projector Features: 3D Ready
Projector Manufacturer: Sharp
Date: 2/1/2011

• It gives you education in a fun way. • How can you not pay attention when it’s coming right at you? • I’m able to visualize. I understand more than in a textbook. • If you see every angle, you get more of an idea of what it is. You understand better.

What Students Say About Texas Instruments’ DLP 3D Technology

This is one of the most beneficial tools we’ve ever had. They actually paid attention because it was neat. They’re learning and they’re having fun.”

Hamilton Park teacher

Ask almost any teacher and you’ll get a consistent viewpoint: abstract concepts are often the most difficult to convey and explain – particularly in lower grades. And for students, these topics can be among the most challenging lessons to grasp – often leading to frustration and disengagement. Now, thanks to advanced DLP projection technology from Texas Instruments, classrooms are harnessing the power of 3D projection to take a variety of lessons to entirely new levels – literally adding a new dimension that creates engaging and effective instruction on challenging subjects.

The DLP 3D display captures the attention of students – bringing the “wow” factor from the movie theater to the classroom - and creates an immersive environment in which students can learn more and retain that information from clear and vivid presentations.

A 3D-ready DLP protector typically costs no more than a standard 2D projector used in classrooms today and, unlike other 3D technologies, only one projector is needed to create vivid 3D imagery. DLP 3D-ready projectors – available from a wide variety of manufacturers - function normally as regular 2D projectors and switch to play 3D content and back again.

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Ocoee Middle SchooUSAFLJunior HighBiology, Chemistry, Science3D Ready7/1/2011
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