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Classroom3 DLP 3D Projectors Case Study

Classroom3® initiative rolls out 3D simulations for curricula across Illinois. Student test scores from pilot implementation show dramatic improvements.

Institution: Rock Island-Millan
District: Rock Island-Millan School District
Country: USA / IL
Grade / Level: K-12
Course / Subject: Biology, Science
Projector Features: 3D Ready
Projector Manufacturer: na
Date: 5/1/2011

The delta between pre and post-lesson tests was huge. The group that received its lesson in 3D saw a 35 percent increase.

Tracey Masamoto, Director for JTM Concepts

The 3D lessons bring an excitement to the classroom that is palpable. You can see the excitement in the children.

Tracey Masamoto, Director for JTM Concepts

In a Rock Island, Ill., science classroom, students wear special 3D glasses as a teacher fires up a Texas Instruments DLP®-based 3D projector and begins her lesson on the anatomy of the inner ear. Using a sophisticated visual simulation specially developed as part of the Classroom3® Initiative, a partnership with JTM Concepts and the Rock Island-Milan School District, the teacher “disassembles” the components of the human ear within the on-screen 3D realm. Students reach out into the air to try to touch the hammer, anvil, and stirrup as they seemingly float out in front of them. In this enhanced learning environment, students pay rapt attention and cover more material in less time than ever before. Students with learning and attention challenges fully absorb the material. And all students achieve significant increases in their test scores.

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