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Scottsdale Unified - DLP Projectors Case Study

Scottsdale Unified School District deploys hundreds of DLP-based Mitsubishi projection systems across 32 school campuses.

Institution: Scottsdale Unified
District: Scottsdale Unified School District
Country: USA / AZ
Grade / Level: K-12
Course / Subject: Biology, Chemistry, Math, Other, Physics, Science
Projector Features: Filter Free
Projector Manufacturer: Mitsubishi
Date: 1/21/2010

There are no filters to clean several times a year. And when you’re talking about hundreds and hundreds of projectors mounted on ceilings, that’s a huge cost issue.

Tom Clark, executive director – information systems and technology Scottsdale Unified School District

As we continued to analyze the choice, it became the total cost of ownership was also significantly less. The lifespan of the devices and the lamps, in particular, is longer than what we saw with LCD. The cost of lamp replacement was lower as well.”

Dave Peterson, assistant superintendant - SUSD Scottsdale Unified School District

Client: Scottsdale Unified School District serves more than 26,000 K-12 students in 32 schools across 112 square miles. SUSD is Arizona’s “Most Excelling School District ,” with 21 schools earning the state’s highest rating, Excelling.

Challenge: Upgrade/expand and standardize its classroom projection capabilities by deploying high-quality display technology in 1,720 classrooms while minimizing maintenance issues and costs.

Solution: A fast-track deployment of fixed-mounted Mitsubishi projectors based on Texas Instruments’ DLP technology that provide superior clarity and visibility in a variety of classroom environments with varying light levels.

Results: Dramatically improved clarity, universal accessibility for teachers and, most importantly, a near-zero maintenance burden to reduce operating costs.

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