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CrossRoads Middle School DLP Interactive Projectors Case Study

Texas Instruments DLP®- based interactive projector unleashes new creativity in the classroom at CrossRoads Middle School

Institution: CrossRoads Middle School
District: CrossRoads Middle School
Country: USA / SC
Grade / Level: Elementary
Course / Subject: Other, Science
Projector Features: Interactive
Projector Manufacturer: InFocus
Date: 9/1/2011

It completely changes the nature of interactivity because you’re not tethered to the board and I could get out of the way of my content. We also have the crispest picture I’ve ever had. The resolution is excellent and large – even though I sometimes project from just 2-3 feet away.

Dr. Christopher Craft, sixth-grade Spanish and Latin teacher CrossRoads Middle School

My students love it because they can focus more on the content. I’ve only had it for five months, but my history with InFocus and Texas Instruments and the glowing reviews I’ve read from other users collectively suggest to me that this will serve well for many years to come.

Dr. Christopher Craft, sixth-grade Spanish and Latin teacher CrossRoads Middle School

Client: CrossRoads Middle School, a 1,000-student sixth-grade-only school.

Challenge: Achieve new levels of classroom interactivity without requiring front-of-room lecturing or the use of a special board.

Solution: InFocus IN3916 projector, based on Texas Instruments DLP interactive technology, providing exceptional clarity and visibility, “anywhere” projection, and wireless pen stylus for remote interactivity.

Results: Teacher can move about freely, hand “pen” to any student for interaction right from their seat. The teacher is out of the way and the focus is on the content. Plus, easy no-calibration operation and no requirements for special projection surface. Also works as a traditional 2D projector.

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