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Shelton School 3D DLP Projectors Case Study

3D Displays Create Greater Student Enthusiasm and Higher Scores

Institution: Shelton School
District: Private School
Country: USA / TX
Grade / Level: Elementary, Junior High
Course / Subject: Biology, Chemistry, Math, Physics, Science
Projector Features: 3D Ready
Projector Manufacturer: NEC
Date: 1/1/2011

This was a much quicker pace, compared to our usual rate. But even at that rapid pace, we saw excellent results.

Lauren Sanders, a math teacher for students in fifth and sixth grades,

For all three subject areas - volume, symmetry, and solid shapes – the test group achieved consistently better scores than the control group.

Lauren Sanders, a math teacher for students in fifth and sixth grades,

At Shelton School, the nation’s largest private school serving learning-different students, the goal is to provide the best individualized education path for every student. The school provides learning-different children a full, effective curriculum through individualized, structured multisensory programs. Major learning differences include dyslexia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and speech and language disorders.

The school completed a one-week pilot test to explore the possibilities that a 3D curriculum can provide in middle-school math. According to Lauren Sanders, a math teacher for students in  fth and sixth grades, the trial was a tremendous success. “Our school caters to students with learning differences and we’ve made a signi cant investment in various learning technologies,” she said.

“We’ve used interactive whiteboards for years, for instance. We wanted to see if 3D projection could make us even more effective, so we delivered three lessons on volume, symmetry, and solid shapes over the course of one week. It went very well.

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