Add a brighter, smaller, and more efficient display to your application

NEW! TI's smallest, brightest, most efficient HD display

Samsung Galaxy Beam

Innovative technology combines with fun projector capabilities for the ultimate smartphone. The new Samsung GALAXY Beam is a feature-packed, slim and entertaining device that shares content in a fresh and new way.


DLP Projection with 15 Lumens

Your smartphone's built-in projector gives you the freedom to share – to really share – all kinds of content with your friends virtually anywhere. Stunningly good definition with a graduated throw up-to 6 feet away, you can project images up to 50" in size on any surface.

Long-lasting 2,000 mAh battery

Highest capacity battery powers a whole range of full-session activities on your smartphone - up to 3 hours of continuous play time. Guarantees prolonged enjoyment of your content - full-length movies, live streaming of performances, sports, game-playing till you drop! – without needing to stop and recharge.

5MP Camera with Flash

Having a camera in your phone is not new, but only Galaxy Beam allows you to use your camera to capture the best pictures and the funniest videos and share them with your friends instantly on a big surface! It's easy.

Powerful Performance

Dual-Core 1 GHz Processor

Super powerful, super smart processor is a top-of-the-grade dual-core CPU that engineers your GALAXY Beam for outstanding performance every time. Enjoy seamless applications and flawless multimedia with little to no lag time for hyper-fast gaming and ultra-smooth playback/projection for everyone's enjoyment.

HSPA 14.4 Network

Tap into upgraded network speeds via HSPA technology with rates of 14.4Mbps, double the standard speed so you can get your content twice as fast. At higher transfer speeds with greater capacity, your downloads are blazingly fast and accommodate large files easily so you can quickly get the show on the road.


Generous display is sized for maximum comfort and readability of your smartphone content and applications. A large, bright screen provides ample view of your multimedia in brilliant color with better clarity. Great resolution and higher definition graphics convey every detail.