DLP Laptop Companion Projectors

Your laptop computer’s best friend.

If you are a business professional on the go, you don’t want anything to weigh you down. But, you still need the tools to present your message. Laptop companion projectors powered by DLP Pico technology are the solution to help you share ideas, present information or sit back and watch a movie on the wall – without the weight and bulk of a traditional projector.

The new DLP Laptop companion projectors offer extreme portability, yet pack a powerful punch. These projectors are so small that they can fit in the palm of your hand and weigh less that 1 pound. These tiny powerhouses use the same DLP technology found in leading Cinemas around the world.

No more renting projectors when you travel.

Key Benefits & Common Features

  • Slim and small, easily fits in a laptop bag or backpack
  • Lightweight – some models weigh less than 1.5 pounds
  • 1280x800 WXGA native resolution (720p HD compatible)
  • HDMI and VGA single cable connection to laptops for maximum versatility
  • USB or SD card inputs (on some models) for presentations without a laptop
  • Long projection life with LED light source – 20,000+ hours – no bulbs to replace
  • Lifelike images and vibrant colors with DLP technology
  • Create screens up to 120” in dark rooms, 50” in lit rooms
  • Contrast ratios up to 2000:1

* Features may vary depending on the model

Have you ever traveled on business and avoided bringing a full size projector due to the size? If so, you may have opted to rent a projector at a hotel to show your business presentation to a customer or prospect. But the cost to rent a projector from a hotel can be expensive. With an ultra portable DLP laptop companion projector, you can easily bring your own projector on your travels and save money by avoiding costly hotel projector rental fees.

DLP laptop companion projectors have the power to project information anytime, virtually anywhere. And, while the compact size may surprise you, the picture quality, featuring solid-state LED illumination, will ensure your presentation is conveyed with lifelike colors. With contrast ratios of up to 2000:1 and WXGA (720p) resolution, DLP laptop projectors produce a sharp, clear and vibrant picture.

Not just for business.

DLP Notebook Companion Projectors aren’t just for business. They feature quick-connect cable systems such as VGA and HDMI connectors. Just connect it to your laptop and play movies right from the DVD player of your notebook computer or from an “on-demand” movie streaming service. Video games take on a whole new dimension with a larger than life image projected on practically any surface.

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