DLP Pico Projector Case Study

DLP Pico Projectors for Business

DLP Pico projectors let ATS Technical Services executives display presentations anytime, anywhere.

DLP Pico Projectors for Business Case Study

  • Client

    A team of IT experts at one of the nation’s leading providers of remote managed IT services and call-center services.

  • Challenge

    Use – and recommend to clients – new projection technologies that provide unprecedented portability and durability without sacrificing quality.

  • Solution

    Handheld Optoma Pico Projectors, based on Texas Instruments DLP Pico Projector technology, providing clarity and visibility that literally fi ts in the palm of one hand.

  • Results

    Portability for sales reps and executives to make presentations almost anywhere at any time. Pico Projectors deliver clarity and durability in almost any setting.

Spun out of ATS National more than 12 years ago, the ATS Technical Services Group is one of the country’s leading providers of managed IT services. Initially focused on call center services, ATS Technical Services Group leverages its parent company’s vast experience in technology infrastructure and business process outsourcing, and extends that expertise and service commitment to companies that need IT hosting services, virtual clouds, data backup/recovery solutions, and more. With its advanced, custom technology and infrastructure solutions and commitment to service, ATS enables customers to focus their internal resources on more strategic initiatives, rather than on managing and maintaining complex technology infrastructures.

The projector itself still looks brand new. I just keep it in my pocket or a bag. Frankly, if they didn’t last so long, I’d be buying more!

Jerome Quiroga,
Vice President, ATS Technical Services

According to Jerome Quiroga, Vice President, selling to the company’s nationwide clientele means sales reps and executives are constantly on the road, presenting the company’s value proposition to large and small organizations in a variety of industries.

“Initially, of course, we focused on larger companies that need outsourced IT management,” he said. “But over time, we’ve expanded our target market to smaller organizations as well – in healthcare, manufacturing, retail, or real estate. Now, it’s not uncommon for us to be selling to a cardiology practice, a restaurant group, or a law firm.”

That radical expansion of ATS’s potential market had significant implications on its selling process as well. Tailored sales presentations were - and remain - a key component of its sales process. “Today, it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for us to be presenting in a barroom to a restaurant manager or in a doctor’s outpatient offices,” Quiroga said.

The inevitable wear-and-tear.

However, the technology that ATS employed to deliver those presentations needed to change as well. Previously, the company purchased and deployed traditional LCD and DLP® projectors that were entrusted to road warriors and sales executives. “We went through so many projectors,” said Quiroga. “That’s not a knock on their durability, it’s just that they were constantly getting tossed around as checked baggage and lugged everywhere. The wear-and-tear wasn’t really something we could avoid. And, of course, over time, our reps and execs grew tired of hauling a laptop and a projector around with them. Since we’re the guys who have all the ‘toys’ and since our clients expect us to be cutting-edge, I wanted to find a way to upgrade our presentation abilities. That’s when we found the pico projector technology from Texas Instruments DLP.”

Taking the same technology found in cinemas and traditional projectors and shrinking it to the size of a raisin, Texas Instruments DLP is rewriting the rules of projector technology. The DLP Pico chipset technology enables manufacturers such as Dell, Optoma, Samsung and others to embed the ultra-tiny DLP Pico projector chipset into handheld projectors, notebook computers, toys, and cell phones, instantly turning any situation into a media-viewing opportunity.

Projecting PowerPoint presentations from an Apple iPhone.

This technology really turns heads. Virtually every time I turn it on, someone immediately asks me, ‘What is that – and how do I get one?’ We just project onto a door or wall wherever we are and, with DLP, the picture is always crisp and clear.

Jerome Quiroga,
Vice President, ATS Technical Services

ATS purchased eight pico projectors from Optoma, including the PK101 and PK102. Now, sales reps and executives – including Quiroga – can deliver presentations almost anywhere, without lugging extra devices. Quiroga actually uses a simple USB cable to connect his pocket-sized Optoma projector to his Apple iPhone to deliver sales presentations that display a clear 50-in. diagonal image. “I simply convert my PowerPoint files into QuickTime files, load them into iTunes, and run them from the iPhone,” he said. “So I have several presentations loaded and ready to go – wherever and whenever I need.”

Not surprisingly, Quiroga reports that the Optoma projector draws some enthusiastic raves. “There’s no question, this technology really turns heads,” he said. “Virtually every time I turn it on, someone immediately asks me, ‘What is that – and how do I get one?’ The image itself – we just project onto a door or wall wherever we are and, with DLP, the picture is always crisp and clear.”

Just as important, Quiroga says that the durability and usability are very high. “My battery life is so much better than with a laptop. I can just bring the iPhone and the Optoma pico projector and I’m ready for the trip. I don’t even bring the power cord for a day-trip. I just don’t need it. And the projector itself still looks brand new. I just keep it in my pocket or a bag. Frankly, if they didn’t last so long, I’d be buying more!”

Expanding the adoption.

In coming months, ATS plans to double its deployment of pico projectors to as many as 20 units. “We have to be on the technology frontier in so many areas,” he said. “It enhances our credibility with clients when we can show them how cutting-edge technology works in real-world situations. We’re planning to recommend pico projectors to our customers in healthcare, for instance, and we’ll do that by partnering with a major distributor and putting together a SKU for a pico deployment.

“Imagine a physician, for instance, sitting with a family at a hospital bedside and using his smartphone or tablet PC – which he’s using for a variety of care-delivery purposes – and being able to explain post-operative care using large, clear images on the wall of the room. That’s the kind of scenario that we think our clients will find compelling. That’s the application that takes pico technology from ‘cool tech’ to something that can make a significant difference.”

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