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Texas Instruments Digital Light Processing™ Technology to Feature in Another Movie Industry 'First'

Texas Instruments (TI) today announced that its highly-acclaimed DLP Cinema™ technology will be used by Walt Disney Pictures to feature in an all-digital presentation of its animated adventure "Tarzan". The all-digital presentations will be shown beginning July 23rd in three theatres:

AMC Pleasure Island 24, 1500 Buena Vista Drive, Lake Buena Vista, FL

AMC Media Center North 6, 770 N. First Street, Burbank, CA

Edwards Irvine Spectrum, 65 Fortune Drive, Irvine, CA
Disney animators have always been on the lookout for more exciting ways to tell their stories. For "Tarzan", they invented a process that allows traditionally animated characters to move about in a 3-D world created with computer graphics. The all-digital presentation using DLP Cinema projection technology is significant because this is the first ever all-digital major motion picture release. The movie was produced digitally, mastered digitally with no film used in the process, delivered digitally, and will be projected digitally by DLP Cinema projectors. The entire process, from production to exhibition, will be digital.

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