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DLP Cinema Enhanced 4K

DLP Cinema 4K chip lights up the biggest screens. All the light, all the pixels, all the time.

4K cinema

DLP Cinema now offers exhibitors the widest variety of stable resolution options for any screen size and was the industry’s first DCI certified solution. The DLP Cinema 4K chip powers the brightest and most energy efficient digital cinema projectors in the world. Cinema projectors powered by DLP Cinema’s 4K chip are ideal for theatre screens up to 105 feet wide and 3D screens up to 80 feet wide.

cinema 4k

Reliability Counts

For theatre management, the only thing worse than running out of popcorn is a dark screen. With 99.999%* up time, DLP Cinema projectors allow theatre management to focus on the customer instead of worrying about the presentation. After years of successful deployments and tens of thousands of screens worldwide, DLP Cinema is a proven technology that delivers a picture perfect presentation every showing while offering the lowest operating cost.

DCI Compliance

All projectors utilizing the new 4K chip will be designed to meet the Digital Cinema System Specification developed by DCI, LLC for established image quality and security. Currently, all DLP Cinema 2K projector models with the next generation DLP Cinema electronics platform are designed to meet DCI Compliance.

Discover the DLP enhanced 4k advantages:

DLP Cinmema 4K Chip
  • The brightest and most energy efficient 4K digital cinema projector in the world*.
  • Patented 1.4 DLP Cinema® chip projects over 35 trillion Academy® accurate colors for an amazing experience.
  • See every little detail in the shadows… Greater than 2500:1 contrast ratio
  • All the light. All the pixels. All the times… for the brightest 3D experience
  • Designed to meet Digital Cinema System Specifications developed by DCI, LLC for image quality and security
  • Designed to easily install inside or outside any projection booth
  • The lightest 4K digital cinema projector available; weighs less than 250 pounds.
  • Award-winning reliable imaging technology with tens of thousands of deployments worldwide.

* Depending on auditorium variables such as screen gain, lamp age, geometry, etc.

Ask your Digital Cinema projector manufacturer about the advantages of DLP Cinema technology and experience what reliable Digital Cinema can do for your business. Your customers and your technicians will love it.

* Based off of deployments for Christie Digital CP series.

Award-winning color

2009 Academy Scientific and Engineering Award Winner