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DLP Cinema Advantages
The Clear Choice

That’s why more than 8 out of 10 digital cinema theatres1 use DLP Cinema to wow audiences every day.

Clearly the Leader

DLP Cinema is the undisputed industry leader in digital cinema technology.

  • DLP Cinema was the first commercial Digital Cinema.
  • Unlike other technologies, DLP Cinema offers multiple resolutions (2K and 4K) from multiple brands, Barco, Christie, and NEC. Superior choices for every theatre size.
  • Unmatched reliability. DLP Cinema lights up more than 80,000 screens worldwide every day with proven reliability showing after showing.

Clearly Brighter

DLP Cinema is the brightest digital cinema technology available today.

  • The pure, reflective mirror technology of DLP Cinema delivers unparalleled brightness on the largest movie screens… up to 105 feet.
  • Advanced 3D technology from a single projector, and a single projection lens lights up a 80 foot screen in 3D with bright, stunning clarity.
  • For the largest screens, DLP Cinema is the technology of choice for EVERY major exhibitor deploying digital cinema.

Clearly Preferred

DLP Cinema is the preferred technology for today’s theatre.

  • Lights up screens up to 80 feet in stunning digital 3D and 105 feet in 2D
  • Amazingly reliable. With over 80,000 screens worldwide, DLP Cinema has proven reliability, showing after showing.
  • Award-winning color performance. DLP Cinema is the only imaging technology to receive an Academy Scientific and Engineering Award2 for precise color reproduction.

Clearly Reliable

DLP Cinema is an amazingly reliable digital cinema technology.

  • Over 80,000 screens worldwide rely on DLP Cinema technology to light up the screen for millions of moviegoers.
  • Recognized for its rock-solid reliability, DLP Cinema is creating a new generation of easy-to-manage cinema projection.

1: Source: Screen Digest

2: Recipients of the 2009 Academy Plaque: D. Scott Dewald, Greg Pettitt, Brad Walker, Bill Werner

Award-winning color

2009 Academy Scientific and Engineering Award Winner