3D Classroom Research

The results of the research indicate a marked positive effect of the use of 3D animations on learning, recall and performance in tests. Under experimental conditions, 86% of pupils improved from the pre-test to the post-test in the 3D classes, compared to only 52% who improved in the 2D classes. Within the individuals who improved, the rate of improvement was also much greater in the classes with the 3D. Individuals improved test scores on average 17% in the 3D classes, compared to only an 8% improvement in the 2D classes between pre-test and post-test.

Excerpt from research conducted by Professor Dr. Anne Bamford, Director of the International Research Agency

Anne Bamford on 3D Learning

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Watch the Dr. Bamford videos and download the full white paper below to learn more about the positive and exciting impact of 3D Learning.

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